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Würzburg radar in Ostend

Würzburg radar in Ostend

Radar of the German Wehrmacht

A new gadget allows the German army to accurately track enemy aircraft during World War II.

Once an aircraft was detected, the radar system - the Würzburg Riese - continued to track the plane and could transmit its coordinates to the anti-aircraft guns.

After the Second World War, radars were given a more peaceful purpose. This 'Würzburg Riese' was used after the war by the observatory at Marche-en-Famenne and has been part of the collection of the Raversyde provincial domain in Ostend since 2009.


The ten-meter high radar was first located in the dunes on the Raversyde domain, but after a thorough restoration in 2014, the parabola was mounted on a train wagon at the entrance to Raversyde.

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