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Terms of Use

Here are the terms of use to which you agree when using

Article 1 - Conditions 

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these current terms apply to all transactions between (hereinafter "the service provider") and the customer. By placing an order and/or by accessing and using the website, you declare your agreement to these terms of use.

Article 2 - Delivery Times 

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, delivery times are indicative. The customer cannot derive any rights from any potential delay. For example, the customer cannot demand the dissolution of the contract, any compensation, or a reduction in price.

If binding delivery times are agreed upon in the specific conditions or in any other way, those deadlines only apply if the customer provides the material requested by the service provider within the deadlines set by the service provider.

Article 3 - Complaints 

Any complaint must be made in writing to be valid within eight days of receiving the access data.

Article 4 - Force Majeure 

If the service provider is unable to fulfill the agreement due to force majeure or illness, the service provider has the right to terminate the agreement without the customer being able to claim any compensation.

Article 5 - Payment of Invoices 

Any invoices must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date. In case of non-payment within this period, default interest equal to 10% per year is due automatically and without notice. Additionally, in such cases, the customer owes a fixed compensation of 10% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of EUR 25 per invoice.

In case of non-payment of invoices within the aforementioned period, the service provider may suspend any service provision to the customer until full payment (principal, interest, and costs) is made, even if such service provision is not related to the unpaid invoice or invoices.

Article 6 - Ownership and Copyright 

The user expressly acknowledges that the provided information and data are the property of and remain with The texts, images, and other items on this website are protected by copyright. Copies, adaptations, translations of the whole or part of this website in any form or manner are strictly prohibited unless prior permission has been granted by It is also prohibited to store or use this information electronically for unlawful purposes. If you wish to use photos or texts, you can contact Using photos or texts without permission is not allowed.

Article 7 - Limitation of Liability 

The service provider cannot be held liable for any malfunctions, interruptions, or errors in the electronic publication on this website and related information services. Malfunctions, interruptions, or errors in electronic delivery cannot under any circumstances lead to any financial compensation.

The information is provided as accurately as possible and kept up to date. However, local circumstances may sometimes differ from the information on the site. Always follow the on-site instructions or communications. The service provider is not responsible for any decision or action taken by the user based on the provided information or data; nor is it responsible for errors or mistakes; and it is also not liable to the user or third parties for any direct, indirect, incidental damages, loss of profits, loss of opportunity, or any damages caused by its negligence or oversight in providing, compiling, assembling, writing, interpreting, reporting, and distributing information or data through the site, even if warned of such damages. The service provider cannot be held responsible for accidents or irregularities caused by the user's use of information on the website.

Article 8 - Prices and Premium 

Plus is a paid formula that provides access to additional functionalities. The Plus formula is subscribed for the duration of one full year. Plus is not automatically renewed after expiration.

Prices include VAT. The rates can be unilaterally changed by the service provider. In that case, the modified rate will only apply to services and performances delivered after the change in the rate has been notified to the customer.

After full payment of all invoices related to the project in question, the customer receives a non-exclusive and non-transferable right of use limited to consulting the delivered work in accordance with the purpose for which the services were requested by the customer. Until delivery and full payment of all invoices, any use of the Plus formula on the website of the service provider constitutes a violation of the service provider's copyright.

Article 9 - Hyperlinks 

It is possible that the website or a related service may link to another website that may be of interest to the user; however, this link is purely informative, and is not responsible for its content or any use that may be made of it.

Article 10 - Dispute and Applicable Law 

Belgian law applies to all agreements with and commitments of the service provider. In case of disputes, only the Justice of the Peace of Ghent or the courts of Ghent are competent, unless the law prescribes otherwise.

Any private individual or corporate person who feels that his or her rights are being violated by any of the pictures presented on this site can state his or her claim by emailing If this claim is deemed acceptable, the concerned picture will be removed as soon as possible.

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