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Electrical substation Buchhändlerhof

Electrical substation Buchhändlerhof

Berlin, the best lighted city on Earth

Electric street lighting, arc lamps, neon lights,... In 1932, the German capital Berlin was the best lighted city on earth, according to Mildred Adams, correspondent at The New York Times.

There was a long road ahead of this. Almost half a century earlier, in 1879, the company Siemens & Halske demonstrated the first electric street lighting along Unter den Linden. Soon the gas lanterns at Potsdamer Platz and along Leipziger Straße also made way for incandescent lamps.

However, electricity was needed to turn on the street lights. That is why Oskar von Miller and Emil Rathenau, the two directors of the Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektricität (later AEG), founded Europe's first public electricity company in 1884: the Städtische Elektricitäts-Werke zu Berlin .

Electrical substation

The power company commissioned its first power station near Gendarmenmarkt in 1885, and a second power station followed a year later on Mauerstraße. There you will find the Buchhändlerhof substation. There, the high voltage from the power plant was converted into lower voltages.

The substation dates from the early twentieth century. The brick building was constructed between 1926 and 1928 according to a design by the German architect Hans Poelzig. Although the substation was damaged during the Second World War, it remained in use in the former GDR until 1988.

Techno club

Between 1993 and 1997, the substation turned into the famous techno club E-Werk, where Paul Van Dyck was a resident DJ. Today, the renovated building houses offices and an event space.

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