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Outdoor swimming pool Spiere-Helkijn

Outdoor swimming pool Spiere-Helkijn

Abandoned outdoor swimming pool

One of the first open-air swimming pools in Belgium is located in Spiere-Helkijn. A water treatment plant at the mouth of the Spierebeek in the Scheldt was converted into an open-air swimming pool at the end of the 1930s.

In Spiere, between the Spierebeek and the Scheldt, a water purification station was built in 1936, a test station that could purify 3,000 cubic meters of water from the river Spiere every day.

From Tourcoing to Roubaix, that stream was polluted with sewage and factory water, and in Spiere, the river flowed into the Scheldt. With the test station, the Belgians wanted to prove that the water could be treated and filtered successfully.

From treatment plant to swimming pool

After the successful test, which lasted eighteen months, the water treatment plant was handed over to the contractor as agreed, who then converted it into a swimming pool. However, in 1953, the swimming pool closed it doors after a swimmer drowned. Since then, the fifty-meter pool has fallen into disrepair.

The municipality of Spiere-Helkijn bought the complex in 2004 and had the roof of the accommodation building replaced to prevent further damage.


It was not until April 2014 that the Flemish Minister of Immovable Heritage, Geert Bourgeois, created a restoration grant of half a million euros to breathe new life into the swimming pool.

Both the swimming pool and the accommodation building have now been thoroughly renovated. You can rent the location for meetings and seminars.

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