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Tower Oud-Stuivekens

Tower Oud-Stuivekens

Remains of a church tower as observation post

The St. Peter's Church in Oud-Stuivekenskerke was only a shadow of its former self at the outbreak of the First World War. Only the late Gothic church tower from 1572 was still standing.

The rest of the church was demolished in 1870. After all, restoring the centuries-old church was too expensive, so the parish packed its bags and moved to a new church in nearby Stuivekenskerke.

Observation post

The church tower itself was severely damaged by artillery shelling during the Battle of the Yser in 1914. The flooded Oud-Stuivekenskerke was part of an advanced Belgian observation post right on the Yser.

From the church tower, Belgian soldiers kept an eye on German troop movements a few hundred meters away.

The shattered tower ruins of St. Peter's Church were already protected as a 'site de guerre' in 1922 and were joined by a memorial chapel. A few years ago, the stump of the church tower was crowned with a wooden observation platform that you can climb.

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