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Eperon d'Or

Eperon d'Or

Shoe and brush city par excellence

For years, Izegem has been the Belgian shoe and brush city par excellence. Today, the art-deco building of shoe manufacturer Eperon d'Or hides an impressive industrial heritage site.

The footwear company Eperon d'Or was founded in 1863 by entrepreneur Emiel Vandommele. Thanks to him and dozens of other shoe manufacturers, the West Flemish town of Izegem became the hallmark of shoes. However, Italy and Eastern European competition killed the shoe industry in the 1960s, and Eperon d'Or also had to close its doors in 1967.

Art Deco monument

With its striking corner tower, the front building in art-deco style is one of the last reminders of Izegem's shoe industry of yesteryear. The building was protected as a monument in 1999 and bought by the town of Izegem. The latter swung open the doors of the industrial heritage site Eperon d'Or in 2017.

Brushes and shoe collection

The heritage site exhibits a generous collection of brushes and shoes on the upper floors, but also guides you through the unusual architecture of this building. For instance, you wade across geometric motif tile and granite floors everywhere and descend to the ground floor via the stairwell in the corner tower.

From handicraft to mechanisation 

The workshops stretch out behind the front building, which housed the administrative services of shoe manufacturer and court supplier Eperon d'Or. There, the full production line is displayed to produce shoes and brushes. Looking at the machines reveals the story of the transition from handwork to mechanisation.

Sneaker expo 

Under the sawtooth roofs of the workshops, an oversized shoe box houses the temporary expo 'Sneaker Gold.' Running until 15 September 2024, the temporary exhibition tells the sneaker's history and displays dozens of unique specimens.

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