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Fosse 9 in Roost-Warendin

Fosse 9 in Roost-Warendin

Last active mine in the French Northern Department

After the dismantling of fosse 9 in Roost-Warendin, only the 61-meter-high headframe remained.

The steel headframe dates from 1955 and was initially located thirty kilometers north, more specifically at Fosse 13 - 13 bis of the Groupe de B├ęthune in Sains-en-Gohelle. This mine was closed in 1972, after which the disused headframe was moved to its current location in Roost-Warendin.

Two shaft wheels

Although it looks exactly like Shaft XII in the German Zeche Zollverein, there are still differences.

Although the headframe could move two elevators simultaneously, only two of the four shaft wheels were reinstalled after its move to Roost-Warendin.

The October 1990 closure of Fosse 9 in Roost-Warendin marked the end of more than two and a half centuries of coal mining in France's Northern Department.

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