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Russian traces in Karlshorst

Russian traces in Karlshorst

Russian traces in Karlshorst

In Karlshorst, deep in the east of Berlin, the signing of the capitulation by Germany meant the end of the Second World War.

A month before the capitulation, the Soviet army had penetrated eastern Berlin and set up its headquarters in the Festungspionierschule. In this military bastion, the Wehrmacht had trained soldiers since the 1930s.

The rest is history. The Soviet army eliminated the last Nazis during the Battle of Berlin, and Western planes bombed the city to a pulp. Germany had its back against the wall. On the night of May 8 to 9, 1945, Germany's unconditional surrender was signed in the officers' casino of the Pionierschule in Karlshorst.

'Victory Day'

May 9, 'Victory Day,' remains the most important Russian holiday. The end of the Second World War is still celebrated in Berlin, but since 2022, the emphasis is mainly on protest marches against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The historic building where the capitulation was signed houses the Deutsch-Russisches Museum Berlin-Karlshorst. You will be presented with a collection of tanks and other antique weaponry from the Soviets. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian flag has also been hoisted here.


Nevertheless, Karlshorst is still full of traces of the Russian passage. After the Second World War, the Russian secret service converted the former Pioneer School of the Wehrmacht into the most prominent foreign KGB department, where thousands of spies and secret agents were active.

The fall of the Wall heralded the end of the KGB headquarters, and in 1992, the last spies left. The vacant barracks and offices have since been demolished.

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