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Heavy load-exerting body

Heavy load-exerting body

A witness of the Third Reich's megalomania

In 1937, architect Albert Speer unveiled his plans for converting Berlin into Welthauptstadt Germania. In his imagination, the new Berlin was teeming with ostentatious monuments that kept pace with the megalomania of the Third Reich.

Hours had been spent by Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer poring over the sketches, models, and plans for the new Berlin. They mapped out a new city boulevard right through Berlin, the North-South axis, which they crowned with a two hundred meters wide and one hundred meters high triumphal arch.


The colossus weighs 12,650 tons, as much as the load of a pillar of the intended triumphal arch. The foundations extend up to 18 meters deep underground.

Yet after three years the concrete cylinder had already sunk eighteen centimeters. Too much to be good.

When the Nazis lost the Second World War in 1945, it also meant the end of Speer and Hitler's plans to destroy Berlin.

Yet the concrete block remained standing: because it was surrounded by apartments, it was impossible to dynamit it safely after the war.


Next to the Schwerbelastungskörper there is now a viewing tower from which you can take a look at the roof of the pier. You can also look inside the bunker, more specifically in the technical rooms, where measuring equipment was once installed.

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