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Farm in Krýsuvík

Farm in Krýsuvík

Abandoned dairy farm in Iceland

When new roads were mapped out in Iceland in the late 1940s, it made for much better accessibility to Krýsuvík, a region full of geothermal fields and a dreamed agricultural area with vast fields where sheep had been herded for centuries.

As a result of the new transport possibilities, a dairy farm was built in Krýsuvík that could accommodate 100 cows. Its founder saw it big: the cow sheds could be expanded to accommodate three hundred cows. This would provide city dwellers with fresh and good milk since the milk had to be transported over less long distances. 

No licence

Legal requirements about the pasteurization of milk and opposition from politicians meant that the dairy farm never had cows because the owner failed to obtain a license. This led to the demise of the farm in Krýsuvík.

In the 1960s, the barn was still used to shelter cattle and pigs and as a playground for children. However, cows were never milked there. Today, the barns and the two concrete feeding towers stand abandoned.

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