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Botnsskáli roadside restaurant

Botnsskáli roadside restaurant

Abandoned Botnsskáli roadside restaurant

The abandoned Botnsskáli roadside restaurant was once one of the most popular stops along Iceland's heavily traveled Ring Road. Now, no one stops in this godforsaken place anymore.

Where have all the cars gone? The route of the ring road was shifted in 1998. After constructing a 6-kilometer-long tunnel, it took only a few minutes by car to conquer the Hvalfjordur fjord instead of an hour.


The only cars that now follow the old 45-kilometer route around the fjord to drive from Reykjavik to the west and north of the country are tourists.

From Botnsskáli, hikers can start the 20-kilometer walk to the Thingviller National Park or visit the Glymur waterfall.

That is why there are plans to reopen the restaurant. But for the time being, Botnsskáli's doors remain closed.

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