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Lime kiln in Sardinia

Lime kiln in Sardinia

Abandoned lime kiln in the Supramonte Mountains

The Supramonte Mountains in Sardinia are not only littered with traces of our ancestors from the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods, but modern humans have also left their mark there.

The limestone mountains of Supramonte worked like a magnet for lime factories. One has survived the test of time. We find its ruins on the edge of the Gennargentu National Park, not far from Oliena.

Lime production

Lime production has been an essential source of income for the Sarden since the mid-twentieth century. That is why the island is entirely of now-empty lime kilns.

The conveyor belts, screening machines and gantry crane haven't been used for a long time.

The two tagine-shaped chimneys above the ovens have been demolished over the years.

The remains of lime kilns ask for an industrial route and information panels, but that is a vain hope for now. Therefore, we have to guess when this lime factory collapsed and its history.

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