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Stützpunkt Pommern

Stützpunkt Pommern

Disappeared support point in Wissant

Wissant, a seaside resort between the rocky capes of Cap Gris-Nez and Cap Blanc-Nez, has been inundated with tourists since the late nineteenth century. The dunes teem with holiday homes and villas in Art Deco style, such as Villa Le Typhonium. However, during the Second World War, sun worshippers were not welcome at the beach of Wissant.

The German army constructed Stützpunkt Pommern, filled the coast with mines and set up the beach with asparagus barriers. In German, they are called Rommelspargel, after Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. The wooden logs or steel rails were built to stop amphibious vehicles or ships. Moreover, a landmine was often mounted to it.


The Rommelspargel had an unexpected side effect. Wissant Beach is subject to erosion, but during the Second World War, the logs appear to have held the sand, and the erosion stopped somewhat. After the mine clearance and the demolition of the Rommelspargel, the sand was quickly washed away again. As a result, after more than half a century, the bunkers were no longer in the middle of the dunes, but right on the beach.

No matter how photogenic they were, they proved to be too much of a danger to beachgoers. That's why they were razed to the ground in 2013. The dunes northeast of Wissant provide an alternative: still colossal complexes from the Stützpunkt 115 Preussen are dug in the sand there.

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