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Canfranc international train station

Canfranc international train station

Relics of a megalomaniac train station

A 240-meter-long station building was the icing on the cake of a railway line that extended the French Pau to Jaca in Spain.

Since the Spanish and French rails did not fit together, passengers had to transfer at Canfranc with their luggage. This was allowed with the necessary grandeur, as can still be seen today.

Stolen gold

In the early days of the Second World War, Jews fled the Nazis via this railway line. But then, the Nazis occupied the station. Germans smuggled their stolen gold along this route to Spain and Portugal. After the war they try to escape the Allies via Canfranc.


In 1970, there was a hitch: a derailment, whether staged or not, destroyed a bridge on the French route. The railway became useless, and the station closed. Only a few years ago, the station building was largely restored. The intention is to provide accommodation for a hotel.

Railway shed

The station is still teeming with remains: an old turntable, a warehouse crammed with international carriages, cranes, overgrown platforms,...

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