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N60 in Anvaing: disused four-lane road

N60 in Anvaing: disused four-lane road

Unused four-lane road

A seven-hundred-meter long embankment, a splash of asphalt here and there, and two useless viaducts: cars will not immediately drive on the four-lane road of the N60 in Frasnes-lez-Anvaing.

The regional road N60 connects Ghent, via Ronse, with the Walloon Péruwelz. Just beyond Ronse, in Frasnes-lez-Anvaing, the first sod was dug in 1984 for the construction of a four-lane road (2 x two lanes). This would address one of the missing links on the route.

After all, Ronse had been hoping for years to be connected to the highway network, namely the A8 between Halle and Tournai. That is why the ten-kilometer-long N60 between Ronse and the highway had to be divided.

They worked for two years and the result was nothing short of spectacular. A two-kilometre-long strip of asphalt rose from the ground between the fields, a railway tunnel and two bridges. But cars never drove over it. When the Ministry of Public Works was federalized in 1989, the Walloon Region promptly canceled the faster connection between Ronse and the A8.

The four-lane road was, therefore, never completed or connected to the existing N60 (in most places, a two-lane road without a central reservation).

Viaducts and railway tunnel

The useless road is on top of two purpose-built viaducts.

1) A tunnel of more than 50 meters long to bridge the former railway line 86 between Ronse and Leuze. Just after the tunnel's construction, Belgian railways company NMBS canceled passenger service on the route, and the last freight train thundered past in 1998.

2) A bridge over a barely used local road.

Journalist Douglas de Coninck calculated that the useless complex cost around 500 million Belgian francs (12.5 million euros). On top of that, the town of Ronse is planning to divert the N60 around the city, which will require the construction of a 5.5-kilometer-long new road.

Opponents have united in "No Stripe through Ronse" and received the support of the mayor, Jean-Luc Crucke (MR) of Frasnes-lez-Anvaing, who indicates that the missing link on his territory will never be completed. However, the extension of the N60 also appears in different Flemish Coalition Agreements as a priority infrastructure project.

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