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A115 highway

A115 highway

Abandoned highway in Berlin

In 1940, the A115, a highway straight through the Düppeler Forst west of Berlin, was built.

However, the construction of the Berlin Wall meant the motorway's death knell 20 years later. As the A115 crossed the border between West and East Germany several times, it offered too many escape routes.

The A115 was therefore shifted and, in 1969, made a big curve south of the border zone, a route you follow to this day to enter Berlin. The asphalt on the former stretch of the A115 may have been broken up, but you can still find traces of the motorway.


If you follow the path westwards at the end of the Teerofendamm, you will end up at the first trace of the old A115, a useless bridge complex where the Stammbahn bridged the motorway. The Stammbahn disappeared from the scene after World War II due to heavy war damage.

Teltow Canal

Continuing along the former highway route, you reach the Teltowkanalbrücke. Via this bridge, the A115 crossed the Teltow Canal. The canal was a natural barrier and the border between West Berlin and the GDR.

This can still be seen. At the top of the bridge was the American Checkpoint Bravo. You can still see road markings dating back to that time between the puddles of moss and weeds. After the reconstruction of the A115, the bridge and checkpoint became useless. For more than half a century, cars, buses and trucks have no longer driven there.

Abandoned roadside restaurant

Just past the bridge, you will find a hermetically sealed and disused Raststätte and restaurant back along the old route of the A115.

No man's land

Besides traces of the motorway, the border between West and East Berlin has also left scars. For instance, the East German border guards left barricades here and there: rails welded together, presumably from the Friedhofsbahn.

The no man's land along the Berlin Wall is still perfectly recognisable in the forest decades later.

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