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Friedrichsfelde Airport and Wuhlheide railway yard

Friedrichsfelde Airport and Wuhlheide railway yard

Aviation history and railway yard in Karlshorst

Karlshorst not only has a former airport in store but also a vanished zeppelin shed and a railway yard that has been transformed into a landscape park.

Aircraft hangars

Right behind the former pioneer school of the Wehrmacht in Karlshorst are six aircraft sheds for Friedrichsfelde Airport, built at the end of the First World War. Each shed is topped with three reinforced concrete domes, unique constructions in Germany.

The military airport was decommissioned after the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. However, despite their short lifespan, the sheds remained standing. A century after their construction, they are protected as monuments but they are in a state of serious disrepair.

Zeppelin shed

For the rest, only the street name Am alten Flugplatz still reminds us of the airport of yesteryear. If you follow this street further east, you will end up in Biesenhorster Sand, an extensive landscape park Russian soldiers used as a training ground after the Second World War.

The sandy plain hides a technical uniqueness. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Siemens & Schuckert built a 135-meter-long hangar for zeppelins here.

Depending on where the wind came from, the shed could rotate entirely around its axis so that zeppelins could drift into the hall without colliding. The hall was demolished in 1919 (photo: public domain).

Concrete waste

Concrete relics such as stairs still weave through the landscape park. These are unusable prefab parts for houses that the former GrĂ¼nau concrete factory dumped here during the GDR era.

Wuhlheide railway yard

The remains of the former Berlin Wuhlheide railway yard, founded by the GDR in 1953, are also still prominently present. The railway yard was closed down in 1994.

The landscape park is riddled with the former track beds. An old locomotive shed was also preserved.

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