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Beringen coal mine

Beringen coal mine

An almost fully preserved coal mine in Limburg

With its two headframes, water towers, bathing rooms, coal washeries and unloading floors, the Beringen coal mine is the most complete mining site in the Belgian coal region Limburg.

When the Beringen mine was founded, it was mainly owned by French industrial groups. They invested in the deepening, which started in 1907 but was interrupted by the First World War. Both shafts reached a depth of more than 800 meters.

The site, where you can visit the Mining Museum, is currently undergoing a metamorphosis under the name be-MINE.

Access to heritage

Integrally protected since 1993, the industrial heritage will be opened up, such as the two headframes. Headframe II (from 1919) is made in Li├Ęge and covered with a roof bearing the panel with the name of the mine, 'Charbonnages de Beeringen.'

Headframe I from 1926 was built by the German firm DEMAG. The legs were covered with a layer of concrete to prevent rust formation.

Cooling towers

In 2011, the Flemish government released 1.5 million euros for the restoration of the four different types of cooling towers that cooled the power plant's water. The oldest dates from 1923. These are the only preserved mine cooling towers in the Limburg mining region.

Coal track

The railway tracks of the former shunting stations, some coal wagons and the signaling system have been preserved in the so-called Sporenpark. In the background are the spire of St. Theodardus Church and the Fatih Mosque.

If you follow the Kolenspoor on foot or by bicycle, you will reach the final destination of the Beringse coal, namely the coal port that flows into the Albert Canal.

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