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Beringen coal preparation plant

Beringen coal preparation plant

The icing on the cake of the Beringen mine

The monumental coal preparation plant of Beringen is the showcase of the Beringen coal mine. Yet the four wings of the complex were threatened with demolition for years. However, in 2023, the be-NATURE project was given the green light.

A coal preparation plant is the beating heart of the coal mine. The raw coal is pre-sorted and separated from other materials. Yet few coal preparation plants remain.

The Beringen coal preparation plant is the exception to the rule. The brick colossus is the only preserved complex in the Limburg coal region.

Coal preparation plants 1 and 3: plans for be-NATURE

Despite the protection of the Beringen coal mine as a monument, owner be-MINE applied for a demolition permit in 2018 for one of the wings of the coal preparation plant, namely coal preparation plant 1. However, the demolition request provoked so much protest that be-MINE had to withdraw their plans.

In the autumn of 2021, a new plan from be-MINE, namely be-NATURE, was published. An experience path must wind through the coal preparation plant. In coal preparation plant 1, nature is 'brought in in a controlled manner'. The environmental permit was given the green light in 2023.

Coal preparation plant 2: mining experience center

There is no discussion (anymore) about coal preparation plants 2 and 4. In any case, they will be retained and given a new function. For example, coal preparation plant 2 was restored, and from 2024, it will house the Provincial Mining Experience Center be-MINE PIT (right in the photo below).

Coal preparation plant 4: no hotel for the time being

Coal preparation plant 4 was almost wholly stripped in 2021 and completely renovated from head to toe. The building was destined to become a multifunctional complex with a hotel, conference center, and offices. However, be-MINE announced in 2023 that no concrete plans are yet on the table.


The two concrete thickeners where the water from the coal preparation plants was purified were given a new purpose as a diving center years ago. The photos below show the situation in 2007 and 2021.

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